Self Love

Strut Your Stuff !

Do you need to take some much needed Me Time ?

An experience like this will show you how to see yourself as others see you, beautifully one of a kind. We need to embrace ourselves as we are now, in this moment and capture that, so it is always with us. It becomes a memory which can be called upon anytime to give strength, motivation, encouragement and a sense of self worth. If you have an idea for a photoshoot, hit me up !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting all different kinds of stuff, with a real emphasis on generating body positivity, especially in women. Let's get you all "dolled up" and make you look and feel fantastic. We have lots of amazing hair and make up artists around the region who would love to be a part of this.

lady sitting on a bench seat in a cactarium laughing
lady leaving against stone archery with a bunch of flowers
lady sitting on a bench seat in a cactarium
lady on formal dress holding a glass of champagne looking away
lady in formal dress sitting leaning back
lady in boho dress standing with flowing dress in cactarium
lady walking on stone pathway
lady standing leaning against a stone wall with vine growing all over
lady sitting on boho dress looking down to her bunch of flowers
lady holding a red rose up to each eye
lady wearing a suit kneeling on bed with skull makeup
lady wearing a suit with skull makeup hand to face portrait
lady wearing a suit sitting on bed side smelling a single red rose with skull makeup
lady with skull makeup holding up hands like someone is attacking her
lady with skull makeup holding a finger up to her mouth to motion to be quiet